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Aston Martin DBS Superleggera shine

If you close your eyes and picture James Bond, you are probably imagining him in an Aston Martin. While many manufacturers have partnered with the series, the immaculate design, high-end technology, and Olympian engine on an Aston Martin has always seemed like an extension of Bond’s mysterious, hard-edged personality. Aston Martin Austin tells Austin drivers about the most iconic of vehicles in this list of our favorite James Bond cars.

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera: No Time to Die

We’ll get to the first car you see in the new trailer in a moment, but let’s first call attention to the presence of the DBS Superleggera that’s been confirmed in the latest Bond entry (sadly, postponed due to risks related to COVID-19). We’re delighted that this car is part of the newest Bond lineup, as it represents the brilliant use of the V12 engine and the newest, sleekest innovations in design from Aston Martin (it also makes a crazy stunt appearance in Casino Royale, as Bond swerves to avoid hitting Vesper Lynd). Let’s hope a crazed villain doesn’t blow it up!

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante: The Living Daylights 

Fan-favorite Bond Timothy Dalton drives this vehicle in one of Aston Martin’s first triumphant returns to the Bond saga (of course, they kept coming back). His V8 Vantage gets features such as tire spikes and lasers, which are hard to come by for even your most intrepid San Antonio resident, but you can be a part of the legacy of this car in the new Vantage.

Honorable Mention: Aston Martin V12 Vanquish in Die Another Day

There’s no way to mention Die Another Day with a straight face, one reason being the presence — or should we say absence — of a particularly high-tech Aston Martin Vanquish. No, it doesn’t drive on the moon, but it does engage a “cloaking device” that features one of the most iconically over-the-top special effects in the series. If you ask us, what’s the point in showing an Aston Martin if you’re going to hide the car? Why get one if you’re not going to stand out on the streets of Dallas?

The Best Bond Cars: Aston Martin DB5

This is it. This is the Bond Car of Bond Cars. First appearing in the all-time classic Goldfinger, the DB5 has been Bond’s and no one else’s since the year 1964. While the DB5 would disappear every now and then, it has recently been heavily featured in the Daniel Craig Bond series; it’s practically the co-star of the new trailer for No Time To Die, performing a variety of bonkers stunts that are only fit for a Bond film. There aren’t many on the roads, which makes every DB5 all the more special to both James Bond fans and Aston Martin fans.

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While we can’t outfit a car as dangerously as Q can, the new and pre-owned Aston Martin models at Aston Martin Austin are a gateway for Houston drivers to unmatched performance, sophisticated design, and a part of living cultural history. Please contact us to talk Aston Martin, the best James Bond car, or the perfect Martini recipe. In the end, we don’t expect you to talk; we expect you to drive.

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