Best Fine Dining in Austin, TX

best austin fine dining

Making the trip from San Antonio or Dallas to Austin for a special occasion? From exceptional Japanese cuisine to American fare made with all-local ingredients, you have an amazing array of choices when it comes to fine dining in Austin, Texas. The staff at Aston Martin Austin put together this guide to our favorite Austin fine dining experiences. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Barley Swine

Lots of restaurants look fancy, but fancy restaurants in Austin actually live up to the name. You’ll find only the very freshest local ingredients at Barley Swine. Their seasonal menu changes with the availability of key local ingredients and new dishes developed by the Barley Swine kitchen. Recipes are designed to showcase local ingredients, highlighting the hard work of local farmers and ranchers. Not only that, but their sense of creative freedom means you’ll have a one-of-a-kind culinary experience.

Jeffrey’s of Austin

Looking for an upscale place to bring friends and chat into the evening? Jeffrey’s has what you’re looking for when it comes to fine dining in Austin, TX. The relaxed yet refined atmosphere is just as appealing as the cuisine — perfect for a night with friends and family over a delicious bottle of wine. Of course, if you want to double up on the wine, all wines on the list are half off on Sundays! Just be sure you arrange a ride with Uber or Lyft if you do plan on indulging in a glass or two.


Husband-and-wife team Todd Duplechan and Jessica Maher opened LENOIR in 2012 with two main goals: to enrich the surrounding community of San Antonio and create a new style of fine dining in Austin, TX. If Mediterranean & Indian cuisines are your top dining choice, you’ll appreciate the creative cuisine at LENOIR. Partnering with local farmers and food artisans, they serve incredible produce, meat, and cheese to diners from Dallas and beyond every day. As you’d expect with seasonal dining, recipes change organically with the seasons, along with the excellent wine selection.


Attracting diners from Houston and all over, Uchi has been a well-known favorite for unceasing quality and service since 2003. Like a lot of other Austin restaurants on this list, they make a mark on Austin fine dining with a signature non-traditional approach. Uchi is committed to sustainability, sourcing only responsibly-fished seafood and locally-grown vegetables whenever possible.

Find Your New Austin Fine Dining Favorites!

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