Moonroof vs. Sunroof: What’s the Difference?


As you shop for a new or pre-owned vehicle near San Antonio, you’re probably going to come across some viable models that list a sunroof or moonroof as a feature highlight. What’s the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof? A sunroof is a glass or metal panel that is installed in the roof of a car or SUV, able to be slid open or popped up to allow fresh air and sunlight into the interior as you cruise through Dallas. A moonroof is typically a clear or tinted glass panel that slides between the roof and the headliner. Sometimes, it can also be tilted open to let more air in as well.

What is a Panoramic Roof System?

When comparing moonroofs vs. sunroofs, it is also important to note that there are different types to consider, including pop-up, inbuilt, top-mount, solar, spoiler, removable, electric, electronic, and panoramic. These days, the most popular style by far is panoramic, which covers either a vast expanse of the car’s roof or the entire roof. If you’re looking at cars and SUVs from an entry-level brand, you’ll often find panoramic sunroofs or moonroofs available as an upgrade. If you’re shopping for a luxury vehicle, however, it’s not uncommon to find it as a standard amenity right from the start.  So, how do panoramic roof systems operate? A panoramic roof is made of either one solid glass panel or multiple panels. When a single-panel panoramic roof is opened, it simply slides toward the rear of the vehicle. When a multi-panel panoramic roof is opened, the panels stack up accordion-style as they slide toward the back of the vehicle.

Which Vehicles at Aston Martin Austin Feature a Sunroof or Moonroof?

We’ve compared moonroof vs. sunroof and talked a bit about panoramic options, now it’s time to start browsing your options! The Aston Martin sports cars that make up the current lineup at Aston Martin Austin are not offered with a sunroof or moonroof, but certain models like the DB11 and the DBS Superleggera offer a convertible body style that will still allow you to enjoy a beautiful breeze as you cruise through Houston. However, if you’re patiently awaiting the release of the Aston Martin DBX SUV, you’ll be glad to know that this groundbreaking model will, in fact, be fitted with a panoramic sunroof!  If you just can’t wait for the DBX SUV and you have your heart set on a luxury vehicle with a standard sunroof or moonroof, or a panoramic style of either option, you can find a properly equipped vehicle in our high-end pre-owned inventory. Choose from the likes of Rolls Royce and Bentley to reimagine your driving experience!

Get Behind the Wheel in Austin Today!

After investigating the difference between a sunroof and moonroof, are you ready to invest in a luxury pre-owned model at Aston Martin Austin? If you’re eager to take the next steps or would like to ask about reserving an Aston Martin DBX SUV with a panoramic sunroof, you can contact our team to get started!

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