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2022 Aston Martin Valkyrie at Aston Martin Austin

Discover the racetrack-inspired all-new Aston Martin Valkyrie. Coming as close as to a Formula One ® car as possible, while still remaining street legal, the Aston Martin Valkyrie is designed specifically to produce ultimate performance capabilities. Produced in collaboration with Red Bull Racing Advanced Technology, the Valkyrie is formulated with space-age engineering while still offering hallmark Aston Martin luxuries. Learn more about the 2022 Valkyrie deluxe trim options, including an AMR Pro track model and roof-off capable Spider design. After you’ve finished your research, contact us at Aston Martin Austin for more information. Shop our diverse selection of brand new Aston Martin cars for sale and exhaustively inspected used Aston Martin cars. Regardless of your chosen Aston Martin for sale, our professional finance team will put together a competitive financing or lease plan that fits your own unique needs and lifestyle.

Starting at $3,000,000 est

Aston Martin Valkyrie Highlights

  • Performance: 6.5-litre V12 engine with hybrid powertrain for extra boost, up to 1160 horsepower, V12 torque-enhanced with 633 lb-ft of torque, and a 7-speed automatic transmission
  • Capabilities: 0-62 of under three seconds, over 200 mph top speed, and 11 combined mpg.
  • Exterior Design: 2-door aerodynamic exterior and open underfloor, ​​all-carbon fibre bodywork, trademark upper grille outline, and rear-facing cameras mounted to flanks.
  • Interior features: Leather upholstery, Heated/cooled seats, panoramic sunroof, and class-leading headroom and legroom.
  • Interior Design: Dual cabin displays for rear-facing cameras, a maximum two passenger capacity.

Valkyrie’s Performance and Amenities Compared to the Competition

The All-New Aston Martin Valkyrie Comes Loaded with Next-Level Power and Performance

Aston Martin Valkyrie
Engine: 6.5-litre V12
Horsepower: Up to 1160
Torque: 633 lb-ft
RPM: 11,100 rpm

Mercedes AMG ONE
Engine: 1.6-litre V6
Horsepower: 1049
Torque: Unlisted
RPM: 11,000 rpm

Gordon Murray Automotive Type 50
Engine: 3.9-litre V12
Horsepower: 654
Torque: 467 lb-ft
RPM: 11,500 rpm

Get the style and substance you crave with the unmistakable and unmatched all-new Aston Martin Valkyrie. Effortlessly lap the Mercedes AMG ONE and Gordon Murray Automotive Type 50 with the Aston Martin Valkyrie epic stand horsepower that can deliver up to 1160 horsepower. Turn heads with its distinct Formula One inspired exterior and driver-focused interior designed with driver enthusiasts in mind.

Aston Martin Valkyrie Trims

2022 Aston Martin Valkyrie Trim


Starting at $3,000,000

  • 6.5-litre V12 engine
  • 1000 horsepower
  • 7-Speed Automated Manual
  • 663 lb-ft of torque

2022 Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro


Starting at $3,500,000

  • 7-Speed Automated Manual
  • 1160 horsepower
  • 380mm longer wheelbase and 96mm wider track
  • Twice the amount of downflow for maximum aerodynamic capabilities
  • More than 3G of lateral acceleration

2022 Aston Martin Valkyrie Spider


Starting at $2,800,000 est.

  • 6.5-litre V12 engine
  • 1140 horsepower
  • Glass roof with roof-off capabilities
  • Fastest open-top Aston Martin ever built

Aston Martin Valkyrie FAQs

The all-new Aston Martin Valkyrie starts at $3,000,000.

The all-new Aston Martin Valkyrie can produce over 1000 horsepower.

The all-new Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro can produce over 1160 horsepower.

Unlike standard hybrid powertrains, the electric motors in the Aston Martin Valkyrie work to give it an extra performance boost. It activates during takeoff for additional power.

To provide maximum aerodynamic capabilities, instead of side mirrors, the 2022 Aston Martin Valkyrie has dual cameras hooked up to multiple interior displays so you can observe the road and check blind spots.

In order to ensure maximum performance and speed, the 2022 Aston Martin Valkyrie is produced with an entirely carbon fibre frame, not an ounce of steel is reportedly used.

The all-new 2022 Aston Martin Valkyrie is listed as reaching a top speed over 200 mph.

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